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Mezy is a new social app that lets you control where your friends experience your messages. You can post photos and videos to any location on a map. When your friends arrive at the location you chose, they will be able to unlock and view your message. Mezy lets you post experiences to different locations so your friends can experience the world through your eyes, but only in the location you want!

Mezy is officially the best scavenger hunt app too. When your friends get to the location of your first message, they will be able to see the pic or video telling them were to go next. The possibilities are truly endless.

Mezy gives the world something we have never had before: the ability to control the location where our friends experience our messages. Oh, and its 100% free :)

How does it

It’s pretty simple. Take a photo or video, choose where you want to post it, select who you want to find it, and let the fun begin! Your friends will be notified a message is waiting for them at the location you chose. Once your friends go to the location of the mezy, it will be unlocked and they can view it. For the first time, you can choose the location where you want your friends to experience your message!

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